Our Philosophy

Ice Elements brings together players of all abilities to compete together. In Canada, where many players are born with skates on it is difficult and intimidating for older children to join in our favourite pastime. Ice Elements creates a skills development program and a weekly game that allow for all to compete.

By creating five teams made up of 3 different skill leveled lines (A,B,C) the players will only ever compete against someone of equal skill. Too many times we see coaches pairing up a weaker player with their strongest player in order to hedge bets (not cost a goal). In effect that weaker player will never touch the puck and the stronger player will never play a true position (always covering up for the other player). The weaker player won’t enjoy the game, the stronger player will develop at a slower rate, and possibly end up resenting the weaker player.

With community donations and a small registration fee our players get 8 (1.5hr) practices and 9 games. A personalized jersey, socks and an awesome awards ceremony at the end of the season.

Meet the Team

Pictures of our coaches will be soon to follow…